amusement park = funfair

a large park where you can play games, go on fantastic rides and have fun with friends

  • I went on so many rides in the amusement park that I got dizzy and had to lie down on the ground.
  • You can always buy pink cotton candy in an amusement park.

slot machine
a coin operated machine to play gambling games

  • I got change for twenty dollars and played the slot machines for hours.
  • The only way to win on slot machines is not to play them.

roller coaster
an elevated railway with small, open passenger cars that goes up and down at a high speed

  • We had a great laugh when we looked at the photos my friend took on the roller coaster.
  • Roller coasters make me sick to my stomach.

to take up
to start doing a new sport, hobby or start learning something new

  • My mother thought my father was getting too fat, so he took up golf when he retired.
  • I’d like to take up a new language, but I’m not sure which one to chose: Dutch or Japanese.

DIY /di:- ai- wai/
building or repairing things around the house with no professional help

  • I’m good at DIY, but I had to call a plumber when I couldn’t fix the sink.
  • My husband spends hours looking at screws and nails in the local DIY store.

vase, pots, plates etc. made of clay/ the craft of making pottery

  • Making pottery is such a creative activity. I’ve made vases for everyone in the family.
  • I’ve tried to take my husband to some pottery classes with me, but he always went to the pub instead.

making sweaters, gloves, scarves etc using two long needles and yarn

  • My grandma loves knitting, so everyone in the family has matching knitted sweaters and hats.
  • Knitting is the new yoga. Its repetitive movements help you relax and meditate.

to mow the lawn
to cut the grass in the garden with a lawn mower

  • My neighbours always mow the lawn on Sunday evenings.
  • In most countries, you can only mow the lawn on certain days, at certain times.

a line of shrubs or low-growing trees forming a fence between two houses or in front of a house

  • Trimming the hedge is hard work. My hands are always sore afterwards.
  • I have the most beautifully trimmed hedge in the whole neighbourhood.

sitcom = situation comedy
humorous television series based on every day life situations

  • My niece loves having sitcom marathons with her friends at weekends.
  • ‘Friends’ must be the most popular sitcom of all times.

a report that gives the writer’s opinion about a book, film, theatre production etc.

  • I never read the reviews before watching a film. I don’t want to be biased.
  • Writing reviews must be such a fun job. You can criticize other people’s work and nobody slaps you in the face.

cinemagoer = moviegoer
a person who often goes to the cinema

  • My uncle is a devoted cinemagoer. He goes to see every new release.
  • They opened a new multiplex in our town, but the high prices and uncomfortable seats were certainly a shock to the unsuspecting cinemagoer.

city dweller
someone who lives in a city

  • I’m a city dweller. I have no idea how to milk a cow.
  • City dwellers should make sure they spend enough time outdoors.

the activity of going for long, hard walks in the mountains

  • The last time I went hiking, I sprained my ankle. I don’t think I’ll ever do it again.
  • I always feel much more energetic and relaxed after I’ve been hiking.

scenery = landscape
the view of natural features e.g. mountains, hills or rivers/ *scenery may also mean accessories on a theatre stage

  • The scenery was so breathtaking, I had to stop every two minutes to take a photo.
  • The scenery was really weird in my dream. There were pink mountains and yellow lakes around me.

atmosphere = ambiance
the dominant mood of a place

  • I love going to our local pub, because of its familiar atmosphere.
  • The festival was a great success; the weather was good and the atmosphere was fantastic.

do aerobics/ karate/ judo/ yoga

  • I’ve never done judo, but I’ve tried karate.
  • I’m not sure what my dog thinks of me when I do yoga, but he sure looks puzzled.

play basketball/ tennis/ computer games/ rugby (play + ball games)

  • My nephew plays rugby, so you can ask him about the rules.
  • If I was taller, I could play basketball. Right now, I can only play golf.

go skiing/ skating/ fishing/ trekking (go + … ing)

  • My husband and I go skiing to the French Alps every winter.
  • My friend broke her leg while she was learning how to skate.

rowing machine
a fitness device that simulates rowing as in a boat

  • When I go to the gym, I usually use the rowing machine to work the muscles in my arms and legs.
  • My husband would like to buy a rowing machine, but I don’t think he will use it.

exercise bike
a fitness device that simulates cycling as on a bicycle

  • I’ve bought an exercise bike, but I only use it to keep my clothes on it.
  • I love watching my favourite soap opera while riding my exercise bike

crash helmet
protective headwear worn by cyclists and motorcyclists

  • You can’t give me a lift on your motorbike. I haven’t got my crash helmet with me.
  • Wearing a crash helmet might save your life if you have an accident.

knee pads
protective garnment worn by cyclists, football players or skaters on their knees

  • My son’s taken up football. I must go and buy a pair of football boots and knee padsfor him.
  • I’m so glad I was wearing my knee pads when I fell on asphalt.

extreme sports = adventure sports
paragliding/ hang gliding/ white water rafting/ snowboarding/ skydiving/ cave diving

  • I’d love to go white water rafting with you, but I’m afraid I’m having my hair cut that day.
  • Cave diving was a really creepy experience for me. I didn’t think we would get out alive.

adrenaline rush
a very intense feeling that you feel all over your body when doing something dangerous

  • Most people do extreme sports, because they want to get an adrenaline rush.
  • If you want to get an adrenaline rush, try to take away my pitbull’s toy.

mass tourism
we talk about mass tourism when a lot of people visit one place

  • Mass tourism is destroying our churches. I don’t think we should let so many people visit them.
  • Mass tourism creates jobs for local people and it also makes our town a more exciting place to live.

culture shock
a strong and upsetting feeling we get when suddenly faced with an unfamiliar culture

  • When I first arrived in London, nobody helped me to get over the culture shock. It took me months to get used to their way of life.
  • I was suffering from culture shock, when fortunately, I made some new friends and began to enjoy my stay.

money/ medium of exchange

  • Lira used to be the currency of Italy, before they introduced the euro.
  • We use kisses as currency at home. When my daughter wants something, she can always pay with a kiss.

in advance
before something, ahead of time

  • If you want to buy cheap airline tickets, it’s best to book in advance.
  • We never plan our holidays in advance. We just pack our suitcases and take the first flight available at the airport.

make a complaint
to tell the staff or manager that you’re not happy with the service you received

  • Somebody used our bathroom while we were out, so we had to make a complaintat the reception.
  • It’s so embarrassing to go out with my father-in-law. Whenever we’re in a restaurant he demands to see the manager and make a complaint.

to embark on
to set out on a journey, to begin a journey

  • Make sure you have made all the necessary arrangements before you embark onyour world tour.
  • When my son was born, I embarked on the most beautiful journey of my life.

B&B = Bed and Breakfast
a private house that provides accommodation and breakfast to guests

  • I love staying in B&Bs when travelling in the country. The atmosphere is familiar and the food is usually delicious.
  • My husband and I would like to run a B&B, but we don’t have enough spare rooms

(nguồn: myenglishteacher)