• healthy diet – mainly eating food that is nutritious and cutting down on sugar and fat.

Ex: Eating a healthy diet can help prevent illness and disease.

  • health risk – any factor that exposes a person to the increased chance of experiencing illness, injury or disease

Ex: Binge drinking is a significant health risk and can have many long and short-term consequences.

  • poor health – the general state of not being in a good condition of health.

Ex: The refugees arrived in a state of poor health having had little food or water for many weeks.

  • healthy lifestyle (or unhealthy lifestyle) – a way of living that contributes to good health and well-being.

Ex: Regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

  • health care – the services provided by governments or organizations for the treatment of illness, injury, disease and to maintain well-being.

Ex: Many governments cannot afford to provide free health care for their people.

  • mental health – the state of a person’s emotional and psychological well-being. The health of the mind.

Ex: Stress or bullying at work can lead to serious mental health problems.

  • to look after your health / to take care of our health – to eat well, drink alcohol sensibly and take exercise.

Ex: I believe I’m still able to enjoy an active life in my 80’s because I have always looked after my health / taken care of my health.

  • to regain your health – to recover from illness or injury.

Ex: Sunita was very ill with the flu but is gradually regaining her health.



  • regular exercise – to engage in physical activity often and consistently.

Ex: Taking regular exercise helps to keep the body healthy.

  • In good shape – in good physical condition.

Ex: My parents are both in their 70’s but are still in pretty good shape.

  • stay in shape – to take action to maintain good health and fitness

Ex: Eating healthily and taking regular exercise helps me to stay in shape.

  • out of shape – not in good physical condition.

Ex: I got very lazy over the holidays and am really feeling out of shape.

  • get back into shape – to take action to improve your physical condition.

Ex: I’ve taken up swimming to help me get back into shape after breaking my leg.

  • work out – to exercise in order to improve physical fitness and increase strength.

Ex: Sally works out at the gym three times a week to help her stay fit and healthy.


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