Sample Answers – IELTS Speaking Part 1 (Bài 3)


Spending times alone

1. What do you like to do when you are alone?
I enjoy reading a book or a series on Netflix. I tend to become fully involved in those two activities. Moreover, I enjoy baking when I’m alone. Focusing on it makes me feel relaxed and peaceful. It is a way for me to release some pressure in my daily life.

2. Is it important to have some time alone?
Without a doubt! I think we all need some time alone for self-reflection. Furthermore, when we spend too much time with people, we tend to get annoyed with them. With this said, we all need a break from people to remember just how great they are.

3. Do you like spending time by yourself?
Yes, I enjoy spending time by myself. In other words, I don’t mind being alone. Nowadays it’s been more difficult to have the time just for myself. Therefore, sometimes I like to be alone to enjoy that private time which makes me think of something or just relax.



1. Do you like perfumes?
Yes, I love scents, and I have a vast collection of perfumes. Some are used in the day, and some are for night.

2. What kind of perfumes do you like?
My go-to scents are usually floral and I don’t tend to go towards the fruit side. I normally want to smell more flowery like walking through a field of flowers.

3. Do you usually wear perfume?
Yes, I do. I normally wear light fragrances, which are eau de toilettes. I always have a mini perfume bottle in my handbag to reapply it when the scent fades away.

4. What is your favourite perfume?
To be honest, I don’t have a signature perfume. I prefer to switch it up depending on my mood and occasion.

5. Have you ever given someone’s perfume as a present?
Not at all because I’m afraid that when I give it as a present to someone, he may not like the smell and will not use it. So it’s just a waste of money, unless the person asks me to buy him a specific perfume, I would surely gift him one. I know that perfume is a sensitive gift to give someone.


Make up

1. Do you often wear makeup?
Well, I wear make-up but not oftentimes, only when there are some important or formal events and I’m not into putting on heavy make-up. If I use some cosmetics, I’m more into applying foundation on my face and a little stroke of lip gloss on my lips. And that’s enough for me!

2. What does wearing makeup mean to you?
Honestly, it’s not one of my priorities in my everyday life. I know what make-up can do to one’s appearance – it can surely improve one’s looks but for me that’s just superficiality. I’m always for natural beauty.

3. Do you give makeup as a gift?
Not at all, unless the person requests or asks me to have cosmetics as a gift. I don’t buy one as a present as I’m afraid that the person whom I would give that kind of present may not like or use it. I don’t want to waste money – buying something for nothing.

4. What do you think when you see a man wearing makeup?
I don’t mind at all. I think in pop culture, men look attractive wearing make-up as they have the image of a rockstar, punk, or an idol like those K-pop artists. I also think that it’s a form of art, and I’m sure that it doesn’t make them less of a man.



1. What’s the weather like in your country each season?
Well, I live in Northern cities of Vietnam, so we actually enjoy four distinct seasons. Spring is cool with frequent drizzle. Summer is hot and humid with a great number of downpours. Autumn is most pleasant but there are likely some storms. In winter, it is dry and quite cold but we can expect several sunny days in a row.

2. Which season do you like best? What type of weather do you like best?/What kind of weather do you like the most?
My favourite season is autumn when the weather is bright and mild. It’s sunny but not as scorching hot and steamy as summer. Most importantly, it is the season I was born in.

3. Does the weather ever affect what you do?
You know, I gotta say yes, especially when it rains. I mean, I cannot go out and run my errands if it’s pouring outside. Besides, you will be soaked if you do decide to go out.

4. Does rain ever affect transportation in your hometown?
Yeah, of course. Traffic is often held up when it rains. All the roads are clogged, and people find it difficult to escape from traffic congestion. I would stay at home and watch TV rather than going out and being caught up in traffic.

5. Would you move to another city because of the weather?
No, I enjoy the diversity in Hanoi’s culture and climate. Some of my friends moved to Ho Chi Minh City because there is no chilly winter in the south but I never wish to do so.

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