Sample Answers – IELTS Speaking Part 1 (Bài 4)


Transport/ Public Transportation


1. What form of transport do you prefer to use?/What is your favorite mode of transport?
Without any doubt, I would say motorbikes. Motorbikes are so popular in my country due to their reasonable price and convenience. They also extremely varied in terms of size, color, and quality, thus a wide variety of choices is available for everyone.

2. Can you compare the advantages of planes and trains?
Traveling by plane is clearly time-saving and enjoyable in terms of onboard services like meals or comfortable seats while traveling by train offers you a chance to see the world outside from their seats. They’re totally great experiences for most train and plane-travelers.

3. How much time do you spend traveling on a normal day?
I have to commute from my home to my school on a daily basis. It normally takes me 30 minutes to travel back and forth.

4. What are the most popular means of public transportation in your country?
I think buses take the lead. You can travel the distance without much worries about ticket price or rainy weather outside. Also, new buses now offer better services like comfortable seats for the elderly or good air conditioning systems.

5. Do you prefer public transport or private transport?
I think I’d prefer public transport. It’s much more inexpensive and because it can contain a large number of people, it helps ease the intensity of traffic jams during peak hours and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions caused by vehicles. Private transportation is more costly in terms of fees, taxes.

6. How could the transportation system be improved in your country?
Well, I think the first step to improvement ưould be to widen the roads and build overpasses and underpasses to help traffic flow more freely which would reduce the congestion to the city center. Also, it would help if the bus service was improved to make it run more frequently which would help with the overcrowding in the rush hour. I think those are the two main changes that need to happen.




1.Do you use the internet?
Actually, yes. I don’t think there are many people in the world who don’t use the internet. I wouldn’t be able to live without it. I’m constantly connected either through my phone, tablet, or computer.

2.What do you usually do on the Internet?
The list of things that I do there is quite long, but primarily I look for and buy personal items or books, listen to music, take online courses, and watch movie.

3.How will the internet develop in the future?
I think it will be more on mobile phones than computers. Smartphones are becoming more powerful and more affordable all the time, so I think we will see a shift from people using the internet on desktop computers to mobiles and apps rather than traditional websites.

4.What are some of the advantages of the Internet?
The Internet has surely come up with great advantages to offer all of us. Firstly, it allows for free communication with people far off from us. Also, the internet provides us with information regarding anything and everything. There are so many people writing about their experiences and sharing them to help others stuck in the same issue. Internet surely has made the world a smaller and a better place.

5.What according to you are the disadvantages of the Internet?/ Are there any negative things about the internet?
No doubt, the internet is overwhelming and it provides us with everything but then I believe it is very addictive as well. I have seen people getting stuck to it and hence spending so much less time with their family and friends. Also, with youtube and Facebook, it is observed that people are becoming more addicted to them and less efficient at work.

6.Do you do any shopping on internet?
Yes, I do. For items like electronics and bags, I have come to prefer online shopping as compared to go to market as there are lots of offers available while shopping online.



Social Network

1.Are you a social person?
Very much so! I feel that I thrive on social interactions. I prefer to spend my free time with friends or family rather than being in my room reading a book, for instance.

2.Do you use social networking sites/ applications?
Yes, definitely and I actually have Twitter and Facebook. I’m always active on these two social networking applications as they are my main modes of communication for both personal and professional contacts.

3.How often do you use social networking applications?
I believe every hour of every day like I said, I’ve used social networking apps for communication. Not only that, but I also use them for checking the latest news or trending news worldwide specifically on Facebook. Nowadays, social networking applications or sites are the best avenues to keep us posted with the latest news in this social media era.

4.Do you find any disadvantages of using social networking applications?
Well, there are plenty but there’re the two most major problems that I see. First, too much usage results in addiction, when a user becomes a slave in using any social networking applications, it will surely distract his studies or work. Second, these social networking sites have become a channel for cyberbullying which is common nowadays.



1.Do you like music?
Yes, I do love listening to music. I wouldn’t be able to live without it

2. What kind of music do you listen to?
I’m a big fan of R&B, hip hop, and pop music. And I’m fond of listening to the musicians in this generation like Adele, Justin Bierbe, Camila Cabello. Their music is simply the best!

3. When do you listen to music?
I always put on my earphones listening to my favorite music artists when I’m on the bus to go to school in the morning and when I go back home in the afternoon. It helps me relax my mind and at the same time uplifts my spirit. I cannot imagine my everyday life without music.

4. Have you ever been to a concert before? Or Have you ever been to a musical performance?
Sadly not even once, but if I have the chance in the future, I want to attend the concert of Justin Timberlake. I want to see him singing live. He has not toured in my country yet, if one day he decides to have a concert here, I will never miss the opportunity to see him.

5. How do you feel when you listen to this music?
Well, I’m the type of person whose mood is easily affected by what I’m listening to. Thus as the music changes, my mood also fluctuates. But most of the time, listening to some music helps me pick up my energy and chill a bit.

6. Do you like traditional songs?
Well, it’s easy for me to name some traditional songs, some of which I’m very familiar with. But to be honest, I think I’m not that into this kind of music.

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