Ôn tập 3 dạng bài IELTS Reading: Matching Information, Matching Ending và Multiple Choice


Sunrise đã có 3 bài viết chia sẻ chi tiết về Chiến thuật làm 3 dạng bài:

Bây giờ sẽ là thời gian các bạn vận dụng những kiến thức đã học để cùng Sunrise Việt Nam ôn tập 3 dạng bài này nhé.

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  • Đọc kĩ yêu cầu của đề và phần câu hỏi
  • Gạch chân keywords trong câu hỏi
  • Đọc kĩ đoạn văn tìm xem các yếu tố như từ đồng nghĩa hay paraphrase không và đọc kỹ những đoạn có thông tin chứa câu trả lời.
  • Tìm câu trả lời tương ứng.

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IELTS Reading dạng Matching Information

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Reading passage 1 has six paragraphs A-F

Which paragraph contains the following information?

You may use any letter more than once

  1. a reference to the influence of the domestic background on the gifted child.
  2. reference to what can be lost if learners are given too much guidance.
  3. a reference to damaging effects of anxiety.
  4. example of classroom techniques which favour socially- disadvantaged children

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Reading Passage 2 has nine paragraph A-I

Which paragraph contains the following information?

You may use any letter more than once.

  1. a description of the substance responsible for the red coloration of leaves.
  2. the reason why trees drop their leaves in autumn.
  3. some evidence to confirm a theory about the purpose of the red leaves.
  4. an explanation of the function of chlorophyll.
  5. a suggestion that the red colouration in leaves could serve as a warning signal.

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IELTS Reading dạng Matching Ending

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Complete each sentence with the corect ending A-G

  1. In Wernicks's area, our thoughts

2. It is only in Broca's area that ideas we wish to express

3. The muscles that articulate our sentences

4. The words and sentences that we speak

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Complete each sentence with the correct ending A-G below

  1. For a long time biologists rejected.
  2. Opposing views on evolutionary throwbacks are represented by
  3. Examples of evolutionary throwbacks have led to
  4. The shark and killer whale are mentioned to exemplify
  5. One explanation for the findings of Wagner's research is

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IELTS Reading dang Multiple Choice

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Choose the correct letter A, B, C and D

1.The writer mentions London's National Gallery to illustrate

A: the undesirable cót to a nation of maintaining a huge collection of art

B: the conflict that may arise in society between financial and artistic values

C: the negative effect a museum can have on visitors' options of themselves

D: the need to put individual well-being above large- scale artistic schemes

2. The writer sáy that today, viewers may be willing to criticize a work because

A: they lack the knowledge needed to support an opinion

B: they fear it may have financial implications

C: they have no real concept of the work's value

D: they feel their personal reaction is of no significance

3. According to the writer, the " displacement effect" on the visitor is caused by

A: the variety of works on display and the way they are arranged

B: the impossibility of viewing particular works of art over a long period

C: the similar nature of the painting and the lack of great works

D: the inappropriate nature of the individual works selected for exhibition

4. The writer sáy that unlike other forms of art, a painting does not

A: improve direct contact with an audience

B: require a specific location for a performance

C: need the requirement of other professionals

D: have a specific beginning or end





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Choose the correct letter A, B, C and D

1.The example of the " million-dollar quarter" underlines the writer's point about

A: recognizing talent

B: working as a team

C: having a shared objective

D: being an effective leader

2. James Watson suggests that he and Francis Crick won the race to discover the DNA code because they

A: were conscious of their own limitations

B: brought complementary skills to their partnership

C: were determined to outperform their brighter rivals

D: encouraged each other to realise their joint ambition

3. The writer mentions competitions on breakfast cereal packets as an example of how to

A: inspire creative thinking

B: generate concise writing

C: promote loyalty to a group

D: strengthen commitment to an idea

4. In the lát paragraph, the writer suggests that ít is important for employees to

A: be aware of their company's goals

B: feel that their contributions are valued

C: have respect for their co-workers' achievement

D: understand why certain management decisions are made


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